Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Wednesday 16th May
A6-EBJ    B777-36NER      Emirates              UAE161/2 (1st visit)
D-AFKD    Fokker 100      Contact Air           DLH3470/1 (1st visit)
F-GYAQ    A321-211        Air Mediterranee      BIE2724
D-AGEQ    B737-75B        Germania              GMI995 arr 1948
I-AIGI    B767-23BER      Air Italy             AEY82
N939UW    B757-2B7        US Airways            AWE9190 dep 1255
PH-OYJ    B767-304ER      Arkefly               TFL071P
S5-ABS    A300B4-203F     Solinair              SOP5004/3
SU-BPZ    B737-86N        AMC Aviation          AMV4642/3

CS-DTL    Learjet 45      Masterjet             LMJ519 dep 1145
CS-DMB    Beech 400XP     Net Jets              NJE453D arr 1610
EI-WFI    Challenger 605  Westair               EFF010
G-BVMA    Beech 200       Dragonfly Aviation    dep 1037
G-SEAJ    Citation 525    Centreline            CLF593 dep 1405
M-LJGI    Falcon 2000EX   L.Goodman             arr 1555
M-RLIV    Challenger 605  .....                 dep 1935
N402SE    Hawker 4000     .....                 dep 1549
N415QS    Gulfstream 450  NJI Sales Inc         .....
N528QS    Gulfstream 550  NJI Sales Inc         arr 1146 dep 1316
N607CV    Gulfstream 550  Covidien Flight Dept. dep 1240
N717DX    Gulfstream 450  Corporate Air LLC     .....
N768JW    Falcon 2000     JCE Leasing           .....
N772AV    Gulfstream 4    Transnational Mgmt.   PEG72 dep 1033
N780E     Gulfstream 550  JP Morgan Chase Bank  .....
N909MM    Falcon 2000EX   Mass.Life Insurance   .....

Solinair's A300 operated the CGN/DUB/SNN rotation in place of the regular Star Air 767F.  The US Airways 757 went 'tech' yesterday as it was preparing to depart on flight US723 to Philadelphia - so I presume it spent some time in the hangars overnight.


  1. Is that A300 arriving at the normal StarAir time or has it already arrived?

  2. It came in from Cologne in the early hours and departed to Shannon around 0600 and then arrived back fron SNN @ 2000 - departing about an hour later.