Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Wednesday 13th June
C-FTLK    B737-8           Sunwing              TOM1318/9;452
C-FYLC    B737-8           Sunwing              TOM
D-AXLD    B737-8           XL Airways Germany   GXL999T arr 0858
D-CAVA    SA227            BinAir               BID....
EC-IXL    SA227            Aeronova             OVA122/713
EC-LRT    A320             Orbest               TCW339F
F-GRHS    A319             Air France           AFR1978/1079/107L/1479
F-WJKG    A340-642X        Airbus               AIB924 dep 1326
N851NW    A330-223         Delta Airlines       DAL176/7 (1st visit)
OY-JTW    B737-7L9         Jettime              JTG875 (1st visit)
TC-OBU    A320             Onur Air             .....
9A-CTK    A320             Croatia Airlines     CTN3500/1

CS-DHI    Citation 550     Net Jets             dep 0916
CS-DLG    Falcon 2000EX    Net Jets             .....
CS-DRJ    Hawker 800XP     Net Jets             NJE317W (1120/1314)
CS-DTM    Learjet 45       Masterjet            .....
CS-DXD    Citation 560XL   Net Jets             .....
CS-DXK    Citation 560XL   Net Jets             .....
G-BZNE    Beech 300        Skyhopper LLP        .....
G-CGNP    EMB-500          Flairjet             dep 0954
G-FPLE    Beech 200        Cobham Flight Insp.  .....
G-JBLZ    Citation 550     .....                .....
G-KLNW    Citation 510     Saxonair             dep 1627
G-MRAP    BD.100           London Executive     dep 2030
G-PEPE    Citation 560XL   London Executive     .....
G-SONE    Citation 525A    Centreline           .....
HB-JES    Gulfstream 5     .....                .....
N245BD    Gulfstream 550   Evolo Ventures LLC   .....


  1. Hi Gerry,
    On Sunday 3rd at EIDW at 17.00 I saw a Shorts SD360 parked in cargo area.
    I notice many NPT420/1 movements are blank.Is it likely a Shorts done a ATP service?
    Paul Martin

    1. Paul,

      As far as I know there was no SD360 in on 03/06, indeed it's been quite some time since one has visited Dublin. What you may have seen was Farnair ATR72F HB-AFG - it had arrived around 0530L and departed at 0155L on 04/06.