Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Tuesday 4th December
C-GDGQ    B737-8           Canjet                  CJT9800 dep 1648
C-GDGY    B737-8           Canjet                  all white
D-AIHC    A340-642         Lufthansa               DLH9922 arr 1015
D-AIHM    A340-642         Lufthansa               DLH9921 dep 0545
EI-EXE    B737-8AS         Ryanair                 RYR800E - delivery
EI-EXF    B737-8AS         Ryanair                 RYR800F - delivery
G-DHLE    B767-3JHF        DHL Air                 DHK304 dep 1005
HS-DBF    B737-8V3         Nok Air                 arr 0800 (F/V)
TC-JYI    B737-9F2ER       Turkish Airlines        THY6JV/5PE (F/V)

C-GMGX    Falcon 7x        Magna Int'l             dep 1153
C-GWLL    Challenger 604   IMP Group               ......
CS-DFX    Hawker 800XP     Net Jets                NJE800U arr 1214
CS-DXT    Citation 560XL   Net Jets                dep 0545
D-IAAW    EMB-500          Arcus Air               ......
EI-WFI    Challenger 605   Westair                 EFF010 dep 1010
G-CGNP    EMB-500          Flairjet                FLJ367A
G-LDFM    Citation 560XL   Granard Ltd             arr 1602 dep 1652
G-PEPE    Citation 560XL   London Executive        ......
G-RUBE    EMB-135BJ        London Executive        dep 0015
N44EV     Learjet 36A      ......                  dep 1607
N71NE     Gulfstream 4     ......                  PEG8 (1000/1136)

A busy day for deliveries with two Ryanair 737s arriving direct from Boeing Field and an XL Airways 737 departing westbound on a winter lease to Canjet. Nok Air's 737 arrived from Toronto on its delivery flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to Thailand but went 'tech' and was moved to remote parking on r/w 29 in the early afternoon.  The Lufthansa A346s are visiting for a repaint by Eirtech Aviation. The Turkish 737-9 features a special scheme and additional "200th aircraft" titles:- http://flic.kr/p/dywgZg 

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