Friday, December 21, 2012


Friday 21st December
A6-END    B777-3           Emirates                UAE161/2          F/V
D-AXLF    B737-8           (XL Airways Germany)    (C-GDGY ntu)      F/N
G-MEDN    A321             British Airways         BAW835
YL-LCL    A320             SmartLynx               ART105 dep 1940

CS-DKE    Gulfstream 550   Net Jets                NJE196N
CS-DKG    Gulfstream 550   Net Jets                NJE367E
CS-DKI    Gulfstream 550   Net Jets                NJE305Y dep 1624
CS-DRC    Hawker 800XP     Net Jets                NJE689P/903G
D-BUBI    BD.100           Windrose Air            ...
D-CAAA    Citation 560XL   DC Aviation             DCS548 dep 1755
D-IWIL    Citation 525A    ......                  dep 1220
M-ARIE    PC-12/47E        Guernsey PC12 Ltd       dep 1145
M-CELT    Falcon 7X        D.Desmond               ...
M-YBJK    Gulfstream 550   D.O'Brien               ...
N311TK    Gulfstream 550   Millrock Aviation       ...
SE-RIM    Citation 550     Grafair                 arr 1800

Emirates used another brand new 777 on their service from Dubai, the third new one this week!  All white A320 EI-DDL departed on delivery to SmartLynx this evening and is now registered YL-LCL.  
Canjet were due to take 737 D-AXLF for the winter but this lease is not proceeding as XL Airways Germany have ceased operations and the aircraft has been temporarily restored to its German registration.

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