Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Wednesday 15th May
EI-FAY    B737-8           Smart Wings            (noted in Hangar 6)
OE-LBM    A320             Austrian Airlines      AUA9751/2          F/V
OK-TVT    B737-8           Travel Service         TVS309F arr 1523   F/V
TC-JHS    B737-8           Turkish Airlines       THY9FT/7GJ         F/V

C-GWLI    Challenger 604   IMP Group              dep 1810
CS-DFR    Citation 560XL   Net Jets               dep 0847
CS-DNQ    Falcon 2000      Net Jets               NJE363H (0912/1845)
CS-DNW    Citation 560XL   Net Jets               ...
CS-DTM    Learjet 45       Masterjet              LMJ521 arr 0940
EI-MED    Citation 550     Xentra Pharm           ...
G-CGUL    Gulfstream 550   Kansas Transportation  dep 0703
G-LALE    EMB-135BJ        London Executive       LNX84/85GL         F/V
G-LEAZ    BD.100           London Executive       ...
G-NOAH    A319             Acropolis Aviation     CRV1 arr 0957
G-YEDC    Citation 525B    Air Charter Scotland   EDC046 (1232/1345)
M-ABEU    Learjet 45       Ryanair                RYR01 (1630/1740)
M-YBJK    Gulfstream 550   D.O'Brien              arr 1210
N854SD    Gulfstream 4     JMTX Aviation          dep 1105
N921WC    Gulfstream 550   Warner Chilcott        dep 0740


  1. Gerry. This aircraft was painted into Austrian Airlines colours in Dublin. It is ex Air Berlin D-ALTE.

    1. It was indeed painted in Austrian colours at Dublin in February 2011 but it arrived & departed still registered D-ALTE and using Air Berlin callsigns, so in my view this is its first visit to Dublin as OE-LBM.

      Strangely enough it was then re-painted into Air Berlin colours in June 2011 (after storage at Dusseldorf) and returned to service before finally being delivered to Austrian in March 2013.