Sunday, October 20, 2013


Sunday 20th October
D-AIZW    A320             Lufthansa               DLH6CX                F/V
G-JMCL    B737F            Atlantic Airlines       NPT298H/299H
N41140    B757             United Airlines         UAL23
TC-OBJ    A321             Onur Air                OHY7747/8

D-CAWM    Citation 560XL   Aerowest                dep 1205
D-CBBB    Citation 560XLS  DC Aviation             ...
D-CJET    Citation 525B    Air Hamburg             AHO405A 
F-GXRK    Citation 525     Ixair                   dep 1950
G-CBRG    Citation 560XL   Eurojet Aviation        dep 0210
M-ABEU    Learjet 45       Ryanair                 RYR01
N213GS    Challenger 601   Gamestop Inc            TWY213 arr 2115
N518QS    Gulfstream 550   NJI Sales               dep 1525
N605JS    Challenger 605   Great Point Advisors    EJM53 dep 1330
N800AL    Gulfstream 450   Abbott Laboratories     dep 0840
OE-LGX    BD.700           VistaJet                VJS739 dep 1302

The United 757 encountered severe turbulence while on approach and several passengers sustained minor injuries but the aircraft landed normally. The outbound flight back to Newark was subsequently cancelled.

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