Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Please support my MOVEMBER campaign to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society.
All donations gratefully received via this link:- Movember 2013

Tuesday 5th November
EI-ERH    A320             Livingston              NLV9801
G-TAWM    B737-8           Thomson Airways         ...
OO-VLP    Fokker 500       VLM                     BCY5119
5N-MJG    B737-7BD         Arik Air                ARA101X arr 1940     F/V

CS-DXV    Citation 560XL   Net Jets                NJE986K/972F
G-CHUI    Citation 560XLS  Eurojet Aviation        GOJ605A/B
G-FIRM    Citation 550     Flairjet                FLJ799/800 (1510/1715)
G-SONE    Citation 525A    Centreline              ...
N501MK    Falcon 900EX     Merck Sharp & Dohme     ...
N794MH    Gulfstream 4     Cinema Exec.Transport   ...
2233/FY   AS.332L1         French Air Force        CTM1360

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