Saturday, November 16, 2013



Fellow Aviation enthusiasts - lend me your CASH! 

It's the halfway point and so far €530 has been donated to my MOVEMBER campaign and with your help I'm hoping to hit the €1,000 mark.

So, please donate via this link:- MOVEMBER '13

All donations go directly to the Irish Cancer Society.
Saturday 16th MOVEMBER
G-GDFK    B737-3           Jet 2                   EXS6196
G-TAWP    B737-8           Thomson Airways         TOM4HX/6MH
LN-RPH    B737-6           SAS                     SAS9111

CS-DFG    Falcon 2000EX    Net Jets                dep 1210
D-CAST    Citation 525B    Air Hamburg             dep 1005
D-CNNN    Citation 560XLS  DC Aviation             ...
EI-REX    Learjet 60       Private Sky             ...
G-CBRG    Citation 560XL   Eurojet Aviation        GOJ116A
G-FIND    Cessna F406      RVL Aviation            REV74A/B
G-SHAL    CRJ-850          TAG Aviation UK         ...
N310TK    Gulfstream 550   Alltech                 dep 0250
N601WM    Challenger 601   Tower LLC               ...

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