Monday, November 25, 2013


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Monday 25th November
EI-REH    ATR-72           Aer Arann               REA100M  dep 1130
G-FDZE    B737-8           Thomson Airways         TOM5XV   dep 0810
N172DZ    B767             Delta Airlines          DAL9941  arr 1912

EC-IXL    SA.227           Aeronova                OVA553   dep 1310
EI-WFI    Challenger 605   Westair                 EFF010   dep 1735
G-IONX    Falcon 7X        TAG Aviation UK         ...
M-AJWA    BD.700           ...                     ...                F/V
N54PA     Learjet 36       Phoenix Air Group       arr 1110 dep 1220
N141QS    BD.700-6000      NJI Sales               arr 2305
N225EE    Gulfstream 5     WFBN NA Trustee         ...
N601WM    Challenger 601   Tower LLC               dep 1048
OE-GVP    Learjet 60       VistaJet                dep 1158

The Aer Arann ATR departed to Toulouse on return to lessor.

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  1. I noticed a delta 767 on approach to Dublin last night at around 19:20 any idea what that was about?