Friday, March 14, 2014


Friday 14th March
10+24     A310            German Air Force       GAF589 (arr1042 dep1258)
CS-TEX    A310            HiFly                  EIN583/582
EI-FDP    A321            HiFly/Belgian AF       dep 1701 (to Brussels)
F-GFUF    B737-3          Europe Airpost         FPO125C/325C
F-GYAP    A321            Air Mediterranée       HRM904F/9430
F-GZTC    B737-7          Europe Airpost         FPO103A/304A
G-CELD    B737-3          Jet 2                  EXS104C/6077
G-EUXF    A321            British Airways        BAW832/84W             F/V
G-POWD    B767            Titan Airways          EIN162/16L;1175
G-POWH    B757            Titan Airways          EIN2528/9;40G
G-POWI    A320            Titan Airways          EIN563/56G;565/564
G-TAWK    B737-8          Thomson Airways        TOM8GW/50J
N915FD    B757F           Federal Express        FDX9141 arr 0425       F/V
SP-ENW    B737-8          Enter Air              ENT607P/607
SX-DGP    A321            Aegean Airlines       (re-reg'd ex OE-ICK)

CS-GLA    BD.700-6000     Net Jets               NJE173K arr 1440
EC-KKD    Beech 400XP     Gestair                GES012 arr 1722        F/V
G-KLNW    Citation 510    Saxonair               SXN51D dep 1114
G-LALE    EMB-135BJ       London Executive       LNX82GL arr 1817
G-MEGN    Beech 200       Dragonfly Aviation     arr 1850 dep 1953
M-ABEU    Learjet 45      Ryanair                RYR1
M-GSIX    Gulfstream 650  D.O'Brien              arr 1703 dep 1750
N311BP    Falcon 50EX     Jet Plaid LLC          ...
OK-PIA    P.180 Avanti    Eclair Aviation        ECC182 dep 1635        F/V
OY-JJB    Do.328 Jet      Sun-Air Scandinavia    SUS443A/B
SP-CON    BD.100          Blue Jet SP            JDI80H arr 1620        F/V

Titan's A320/757/767 and the HiFly A310 were hired by Aer Lingus to operate services today because of a threatened strike which did not in fact proceed.
The German Air Force A310 arrived mid morning presumably in connection with the visit to Dublin Port of several German Navy vessels.  Fedex sent in a 757F for the first time to carry out ground crew training on the type. 
HiFly's A321 (in Belgian Air Force cls) departed on delivery to Brussels. 

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