Thursday, March 20, 2014


Thursday 20th March
G-CIEC    Saab 2000       Eastern Airways        EZE1045/1048           F/V
G-EUUU    A320            British Airways        BAW82W/829
N58101    B757            United Airlines        UAL6859 dep 0947

C-GWLL    Challenger 604  IMP Group              arr 0727
CS-DFQ    Citation 560XL  Net Jets               NJE603W/191A (1144/1405)
CS-DKH    Gulfstream 550  Net Jets               NJE432F arr 2000
CS-DUF    Hawker 750      Net Jets               NJE.... arr 1510
D-CBBB    Citation 560XLS DC Aviation            DCS703 (1915/2003)
D-CLEO    Citation 680    ...                    dep 1258
G-CITY    PA-31 Navajo    Woodgate Executive     CWY01 (2125/2310)
G-LIDE    PA-31 Navajo    Woodgate Executive     CWY2102
LN-SOV    Citation 680    Sundt Air              MDT11 dep 1300  
M-ABEU    Learjet 45      Ryanair                RYR1 dep 1146
M-LJGI    Falcon 7X       L.Goodman              dep 1345
N440QS    Gulfstream 450  NJI                    dep 1245
N445QS    Gulfstream 450  NJI                    ...
N448QS    Gulfstream 450  NJI                    dep 1235
N470QS    Gulfstream 450  NJI                    dep 1700
N503BC    Learjet 60      Brinks Co.             arr ....
N607CV    Gulfstream 550  Covidien Flight Dept.  dep 1247
OE-GUN    Citation 560XL  My Fair Jet            HTL01 (1040/1438)      F/V

United's 757 went 'tech' yesterday morning and it departed west for Newark. But having only climbed to FL250 it turned back when approaching position 55n11w and diverted to London Heathrow.  Eastern's Saab 2000 flight operated from/to Sumburgh in the Shetland Islands - a fairly rare destination from Dublin. This aircraft previously visited when it was HB-IZU with Crossair.  

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