Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Wednesday 2nd July
C-FTJH    B737-8          Sunwing Airlines       TOM2TE
EI-DVA    B737-3          Mistral Air            AZA8258/8611
EI-DVR    CRJ-900         Alitalia Cityliner     CYL8921 arr 1354      F/V
EI-ELZ    B737-4          Mistral Air            AZA8256/8629
EI-EXK    A320            Livingston             NLV1381/9382
EI-REM    ATR-72          Stobart Air            REA308P/8EN (Flybe cls)
G-BYAT    B757            Thomson Airways        TOM9001;63C/3EP;9002
OM-EEX    B737-4          AirExplore             RYR70B;66XG/17JY      F/V
TC-JVG    B737-8          Turkish Airlines       THY9EZ/7ZB            F/V
4X-BAW    B757-3          Arkia                  AIZ921
10+24     A310            German Air Force       GAF817 dep 1038

CS-DFE    Falcon 2000     Net Jets               NJE893T dep 0949 arr 1755
CS-DNS    Falcon 2000     Net Jets               ...
CS-DRR    Hawker 800XP    Net Jets               NJE081T arr 1450
D-CHIC    EMB-505         Air Hamburg            AHO417J (0915/1030)
D-CRAN    Learjet 60      Senator Aviation       ADN53F (0905/1140)
F-GSCR    Citation 525B   Leadair                arr 0910 dep 1739
G-JMED    Learjet 35A     Air Medical            dep 1330
G-JOTA    Beech 90        JOTA Leasing           ENZ902P/902
G-OWAY    Challenger 601  Air Charter Scotland   EDC224 (1620/2140)    F/V
G-RADY    CRJ-200         TAG Aviation UK        dep 1628
G-YPRS    Citation 550    Executive Avn.Services dep 0850
G-ZMED    Learjet 35A     Air Medical            MCD079 (1640/1730)
LX-JFN    PC-12/47        Jetfly                 arr 0926 dep 1805
M-EVAN    BD.100          M.Evans                arr 1230
M-LJGI    Falcon 7X       L.Goodman              dep 0947
N195SV    Falcon 50       Silver Ventures        ...
N213GS    Challenger 601  Gamestop Inc           TWY213 arr 1008
N575PC    PC-12/45        Osaka Holdings LLC     ...
OE-GWV    Citation 560XL  Europ-Star Aircraft    ESQ311/2 (2140/2340)  F/V
SE-RIK    Citation 550    Grafair                arr 1300 dep 1533
9H-VJA    BD.700-6000     VistaJet               VJT638 dep 1858

Quite an interesting selection of Irish-Italian airliners today with Mistral Air & Livingston operating student charters and another ex Air One CRJ900 arriving from storage in Rome to be prepared for delivery to Mesa Airlines.
Stobart's ATR72 arrived during the afternoon from Shannon where it had been painted in Flybe's new purple colour scheme.  It later departed to Southend and will most likely be based there on Flybe services.  The Luftwaffe A310 departed after a re-paint by Eirtech.  AirExplore ferried 737 OM-EEX in to operate Ryanair services as sistership OM-AEX had gone tech in Beauvais. 
The Thomson 757 operated their weekly Rhodes service as leased Sunwing 737 had been delayed by 24 hours in Zakynthos.      

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