Thursday, July 3, 2014


Thursday 3rd July
C-FTJH    B737-8          Sunwing Airlines       TOM8TG;9DP/2CQ;1458
EC-LTM    B737-8          Air Europa             AEA213/4
EI-FCZ    ATR72-600       Stobart Air            REA608P arr 2130      F/V
G-CERY    Saab 2000       Eastern Airways        EZE1051/1048
N358AA    B767            American Airlines      AAL55 (a1145 d1616 a1650) 
N948LR    CRJ-900         Mesa Airlines          (ex EI-DVR)           F/N 
OM-AEX    B737-4          Air Explore            RYR11P arr 1440
OM-EEX    B737-4          Air Explore            RYR71P dep 1627
OY-CIR    ATR-42          Danish Air Transport   REA042P arr 1450

CS-DFE    Falcon 2000     Net Jets               NJE815Y dep 1020
CS-DNS    Falcon 2000     Net Jets               NJE751U dep 1100
CS-DRR    Hawker 800XP    Net Jets               NJE906M dep 1040
CS-DXR    Citation 560XL  Net Jets               NJE368B/089H (0945/1910)
D-CAAA    Citation 560XL  DC Aviation            DCS710 arr 2050
G-FRYL    Premier 1       Hawkair Ltd            BOO373 arr 1436
G-RADY    CRJ-200         TAG Aviation UK        arr 0020
M-CRAO    Beech 300       Dr.Oetker              arr 1552 dep 1654     F/V
M-EVAN    BD.100          M.Evans                dep 0920 arr 1700
M-LJGI    Falcon 7X       L.Goodman              arr 1710
N195SV    Falcon 50       Silver Ventures        ...
N213GS    Challenger 601  Gamestop Inc           TWY213 dep 0815
N575PC    PC-12/45        Osaka Holdings LLC     ...

The American 767 diverted while en route from Manchester to Chicago O'Hare due to a pressurisation issue.  Following repairs it departed but was forced to return for landing with the same problem after only 20 minutes. 
The CRJ-900 that arrived yesterday was re-registered to Mesa Airlines today. 
Stobart ATR72 EI-FCZ (in Aer Lingus Regional cls) arrived from Toulouse this evening on delivery.

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