Monday, July 7, 2014


Monday 7th July
C-FEAK    B737-8          Sunwing Airlines       TOM2ME;2JB/62B;5GV
C-GWSZ    B737-8          Westjet                WJA16/17              F/V
G-JMCL    B737F           Atlantic Airlines      NPT206H/207H
N777AS    B777            Mid East Jet           arr 0733              F/V            
D-INKY    P.180 Avanti    AirGo Flugservice      XGO3DW/3PB (1120/1416)
N184BK    BD.100          Latium 3 Inc           arr 2020              F/V
N195SV    Falcon 50       Silver Ventures        (in Hangar 6)
N880CC    Challenger 605  Integrated Mgmt Svcs.  arr 2130              F/V
OE-GXL    Citation 560XL  Speedwings Executive   arr 1705              F/V

Westjet used a 737-800 for the 1st time on their Toronto/St.John's service and the aircraft is painted in a special Walt Disney World scheme.
Mid East Jet's executive-configured 777 arrived for painting by Eirtech. 

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