Sunday, February 1, 2015


Sunday 1st February
D-ABLA    B737-7           Air Berlin             BER620X arr 1530     F/V
EI-CBK    ATR-42           Stobart Air            STK401D arr 1119
EI-REH    ATR-72           Stobart Air            STK402D
G-TAWU    B737-8           Thomson Airways        TOM73C;1704/1705;18K
N78060    B767-4           United Airlines        UAL23/22

CS-DHO    Citation 550     Net Jets               ...
CS-DUD    Hawker 750       Net Jets               NJE588Q/607P(1003/1222)
D-CAAA    Citation 560XLS  DC Aviation            ...
M-GSIX    Gulfstream 650   D.O'Brien              dep 1625
N552GA    Gulfstream 550   Amgen Inc              arr 1330
N558GA    Gulfstream 550   Amgen Inc              eta 1700
OY-EVO    Citation 550     FXT Flexflight         FXT201 dep 1354

The Air Berlin 737 arrived from Munich to be painted for Germania.  
United used a B764 this morning instead of the scheduled B757.
Stobart's ATR42 operated their first service from Donegal this morning and the ATR72 operated the return leg.  

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