Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Tuesday 3rd February
EI-FIA    B737-8           Ryanair                RYR800A arr 1459     F/V
EI-FIB    B737-8           Ryanair                RYR800B arr 1600     F/V
G-TCDX    A321             Thomas Cook            (ex OY-VKE)
N749AX    B767F            ABX Air                SRR6528/9

CS-DHO    Citation 550     Net Jets               NJE668B dep 1305
G-LIDE    PA-31 Navajo     Woodgate Executive     CWY2102 arr 1822
G-NOAH    A319             Acroplis Aviation      CRV1 arr 1455
G-SONE    Citation 525A    Centreline Air Charter CLF384 (1515/1900)
G-THFC    EMB-135BJ        London Executive       LNX70TC (1206/1248)
M-ABGV    Learjet 45       Ryanair                RYR1 arr 1610
M-CELT    Falcon 7X        D.Desmond              arr 2223
N1TT      Gulfstream 450   TRT Leasing Inc        ...
N508QS    Gulfstream 5     NJI Sales              arr 1958
N669HP    Falcon 2000EX    Millrock Aviation      ...
N921WC    Gulfstream 550   Warner Chiclott        arr 1820
N922WC    Gulfstream 450   Warner Chilcott        arr 1855
N936MP    Gulfstream 450   936MP LLC              ...
S5-FUN    BD.100           Elit'Avia              ...

Ryanair's new 737s arrived on delivery direct from Boeing Field.  
The Thomas Cook A321 is on overhaul in Hangar 5 and currently does not carry any registration.  It arrived on December 14th last as OY-VKE but was re-registered G-TCDX on December 18th and was noted 'pinging' on SBS this morning using hexcode 4009F4.  Woodgate's Navajo suffered a nose wheel deflation on landing this evening disabling the aircraft and temporarily blocking runway 28.

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