Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Wednesday 4th February
N749AX    B767F           ABX Air                 SRR6528/9
OY-VKS    A320            Thomas Cook Scandinavia VKG9991 arr 2155     F/V
PH-MJP    Fokker 100      Denim Air               DNM639P/6391         F/V
TC-FBV    A320            Freebird Airlines       FHY601/2

CS-DXJ    Citation 560XL  Net Jets                NJE217R arr 1545
EI-WFI    Challenger 605  Westair                 EFF010 (1140/1340)
G-LIDE    PA-31 Navajo    Woodgate Executive      CWY02 dep 1218
G-NOAH    A319            Acroplis Aviation       ...
M-ABGV    Learjet 45      Ryanair                 RYR1 dep 0705 arr 1911
M-CELT    Falcon 7X       D.Desmond               dep 1452
N1TT      Gulfstream 450  TRT Leasing Inc         EJM9 dep 1202
N84GV     Gulfstream 5    Bank of America NA      EJM584 arr 1906   
N225EE    Gulfstream 5    Kaiser Air              KAI80 (0857/1502)
N304CC    BD.700          Bank of Utah Trustee    arr 1156 dep 1315
N508QS    Gulfstream 5    NJI Sales               ...
N669HP    Falcon 2000EX   Millrock Aviation       ...
N921WC    Gulfstream 550  Warner Chiclott         ...
N922WC    Gulfstream 450  Warner Chilcott         ...
N936MP    Gulfstream 450  936MP LLC               EJM936 dep 1207
OE-HCA    BD.100          Avag Air                arr 2055             F/V
S5-FUN    BD.100          Elit'Avia               ...

Denim Air's Fokker 100 positioned in from Maastricht this afternoon to operate a charter to Madrid and it's painted in Greenland Express colours. Thomas Cook Scandinavia's A320 arrived from Billund for return to lessor.

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