Friday, February 6, 2015


Friday 6th February
D-AIPY    A320            Germanwings             GWI396/7
EI-FIB    B737-8          Ryanair                 RYR99MW/55A
G-FDZZ    B737-8          Thomson Airways         TOM408/9 
G-GDFM    B737-3          Jet2                    EXS101C/6006         F/V
G-GDFW    B737-8          Jet2                    EXS113C/6018
G-LSAI    B757            Jet2                    EXS109C/6001
G-LSAN    B757            Jet2                    EXS118C/6024
TC-FHE    A320            Freebird Airlines       FHY906 dep 1638
TF-ISK    B757            Icelandair              ICE1508 arr 0954

CS-DXJ    Citation 560XL  Net Jets                NJE833T arr 1935
CS-PHC    EMB-505         Net Jets                NJE332U/224N (1450/1732)
D-CBBB    Citation 560XL  DC Aviation             arr 1845
LX-INS    Citation 560XL  Luxaviation             LXA1A arr 1100
M-FRZN    Challenger 605  Iceland Frozen Foods    dep 1520
M-GSIX    Gulfstream 650  D.O'Brien               dep 1725
N342AP    Gulfstream 4    Bank of America NA      arr 1721 dep 1825
N730LM    Falcon 900EX    Liberty Media Corp      arr 0955
S5-FUN    BD.100          Elit'Avia               EAV81N dep 1338
9H-VFG    Challenger 605  VistaJet                VJT545J dep 0925

Jet2 operated four charters to Rome with supporters for Ireland's Six Nations rugby match with Italy.  Ryanair's new 737 entered service operating the early morning flight to/from Manchester.  The Germanwings A320 was making a first appearance since being transferred from parent company Lufthansa towards the end of 2014.  It had last visited with them in June 2011. Freebird's A320 departed this afternoon after painting by Eirtech.

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