Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Wednesday 3rd June
C-FFPH   B737-8            Sunwing Airlines          TOM85J/9GV;4AV
EI-EZV   A320              Virgin Atlantic           EIN14Y;232/235/238/239
EI-FIL   B737-8            Ryanair                   RYR800L  F/V arr 1601 
ET-AQL   B777              Ethiopian Airlines        ETH500
F-GZHE   B737-8            Transavia France          TVF7EL/2PZ
G-CFLV   Saab 2000         Eastern Airways           EZE9057/8
G-EUXH   A321              British Airways           BAW830/829

CS-DRL   Hawker 800XP      Net Jets                  NJE859A      arr 1439
G-CMTO   Citation M2       Golconda Aircraft Leasing VCG509   F/V (1312/1354)
G-FBKE   Citation 510      Blink Ltd                 ...
G-FIRM   Citation 550      Flairjet                  FLJ3RM       (0905/1208)
G-HCOM   Agusta 109SP      Helicom                   G-HCOM   F/V dep 1600
HB-JIN   Falcon 900EX      Jet Aviation Bus.Jets     PJS400       dep 1025
HB-VPM   Citation 510      P.Foriel-Destezet         HB-VPM       (1201/1559)
N1TT     Gulfstream 450    TRT Leasing Inc           EJM9         arr 2137
N77CP    Gulfstream 550    Peak Enterprises LLC      N77CP        arr 0100
N236FS   Gulfstream 450    WFBN NA Trustee           N236FS       dep 1235
N702TY   Gulfstream 5      WFBN NA Trustee           ...
N921WC   Gulfstream 550    Warner Chilcott           ...
N936MP   Gulfstream 450    936MP LLC                 EJM936       arr 2126
9H-VCI   BD.100            VistaJet                  VJT488G      dep 1035

The Citation M2 is the new version of the Citation 525 and was the first of it's type to visit.  Ryanair's latest 737 arrived on delivery this afternoon direct from Boeing Field.  Virgin A320 EI-EZV arrived from Heathrow this morning to operate for Aer Lingus for the next few days.  In fact, this is the first time it has operated revenue services for Aer Lingus as it was leased in 2013 specifically for use on the Virgin Atlantic contract. 

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