Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Wednesday 30th December
D-AIDV   A321              Lufthansa              DLH978/979        1836/1953
G-GDFG   B737-3            Jet2                   EXS071W           dep  1849
G-GDFL   B737-3            Jet2                   EXS059H           1522/1802
PH-DND   EMB-145           Denim Air              VLM424/417        2203/2345
A6-RJY   B737-7            Royal Jet              ROJ02             0320/0452
CS-CHA   BD.100            Net Jets Europe        NJE614E           dep  1431
CS-DXO   Citation 560XL    Net Jets Europe        NJE607M           arr  1741
CS-DXX   Citation 560XL    Net Jets Europe        NJE712E/139L      0955/1445
G-IFIT   PA-31 Navajo      Dart Group PLC         G-IFIT            arr  0935
G-SOUL   Cessna 310        RVL Aviation           REV73A/73B        1730/1825
9H-ALL   Citation 525A     Luxwing                LWG101            dep  0929

There was quite an amount of disruption to flight schedules today due to Storm "Frank" crossing the country in the late morning.  More than 20 aircraft diverted to other Irish airports while Lufthansa A321 D-AIRN (op flight LH978) diverted to Manchester and returned to Frankfurt from there. This flight was later operated by 'retro' A321 D-AIDV.  Turkish Airlines morning service from Istanbul diverted to Glasgow but returned in the late afternoon when the wind had calmed down!  Jet2 737 G-GDFG had diverted in last night from Tenerife due to bad weather at Belfast and it departed back north this evening.  Coincidentally, sister-ship G-GDFL went for an air test today following a major overhaul with Dublin Aerospace.

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